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"Engage yourselves in service activity. Consider social service as service to God. This is the best way to earn God's Love. Love all and serve all. Your entire life will be sanctified thereby."

Whether you want to earn God's love or society's love, sincere and selfless service should be an integral part of each and every individual's life. Service to one's society comes in many ways and forms. You may want to serve society with monetary help or through giving valuable time to the less fortunate or ill.

Among the various illnesses in today's world, no disease causes more fear and panic than Cancer. The fear and panic is even more acute among people in many societies who lack knowledge, are poor, and are afflicted with the disease. It is fair to say that to reduce the fear and panic for this dreaded disease, an awareness of the disease and the medical facts associated with the disease and treatment is a must.

Promoted by well-intentioned and socially-minded people of Kerala origin living all over the world, the Cancer Awareness project seeks your support and volunteering efforts to bring down the fear, panic, and lack of Cancer information among the people of Kerala and elsewhere in India.


a) Donate for the noble cause
Be generous with your monetary donation. The donation will be used to create and publicize cancer awareness material through health clinics and other centers in Kerala.

b) Become a Volunteer
Please volunteer your time! Each of us can volunteer in spite of our busy lives and schedules. It only takes a commitment to do so. It is great social service. If you are interested, our Cancer Awareness program will work with you and train you to become a volunteer for our program and promote our activities.

c) Organize Fund Raising Campaigns
Lead the way and goodness shall follow. We will help you with ideas on conducting fund raising campaigns that ensures the financial sustainability of our Cancer Awareness mission. Following are a set of ideas you can popularize in your community.

Yearly Walkathons/Bike Rides/Marathons:
Mobilize your friends and neighbors from the street you live in. Plan a Cancer Awareness 'Walkathon a two mile-walk perhaps once a year at a local park or ground. This will demonstrate the essence of sacrifice and show the care and concern you have for fellow human being. We will help you with the logistics and resources necessary to conduct a well-planned Walkathon.

d) Become an Awareness Champion
Show your leadership skills! Conduct a community-wide camp. The Cancer Awareness project in Kerala lets you take your leadership skills to spearhead a project-oriented task that will have a lasting impact on the lives of cancer victims and their families in your community. We will provide you the material and all other necessities. You will plan and recruit dedicated people to champion the camp's cause.

e) Participate in Malayalam collateral creation
English has become the common language of communication across India. When it comes to social issues and in-depth conversation, our mother tongue plays a vital role in defining our understanding of things. Cancer Awareness project in Kerala is focused in creating a set of awareness documents in Malayalam language (English language medical artifacts which are already in use at many developed countries). If you have the language skills and have the time to contribute, be part of this project.

f) Start your own Awareness Cell
If you are a retired individual and eager to volunteer your time and effort, here's a perfect opportunity! You can start your own small cancer awareness cell! We will share a complete starter-kit to jump start your own awareness cell in a local hospital or panchayat near to your location. Through this media you can distribute awareness materials to patients and their families. Please contacts us if interested

Please contact us if interested (ca@keralaclub.org)

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