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About KeralaCancer.org

The KeralaCancer.org initiative is a small step by the Kerala Club of Detroit, USA to provide awareness of Cancer among the people of Kerala, many of them poor, medically indigent, and unaware of the deadly consequences of the disease. Through mass media campaigns and other grass-root awareness events like community walkathons for cancer awareness, this initiative will drive awareness, knowledge, and solidarity in communities state-wide in fighting Cancer.

The widespread availability of medical literature and easy access to scores of material in the mass media in the Western nations about health issues and disease control makes it easier for its citizens to be informed about disease and possible treatment protocols. Alas, this is not the case with many of the people afflicted with deadly diseases in the developing world.

In India for example, the priorities of Government health policy continue to focus on eradication of communicable and parasitic diseases or population control. Sadly, there is a dearth of coordinated agencies or programs at a community level to educate the masses on deadly diseases like cancer for example. It remains a fact that over 700,000 new cases of cancer and over 300,000 deaths occur annually due to cancer in India, while the extent of awareness of cancer, its causes, the treatment options, etc. are very limited.

Our mission is to work closely with charitable NGOs in Kerala to disseminate Cancer prevention, treatment and post treatment care information. The information is being developed in Malayalam and English. Such information will be made available in print and electronic media to all Hospitals, Medical Centers, Colleges and Schools, Panchayats and Small Towns, Rural Villages etc.

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